Morrisons Water Services effluent pipe survey and repair

Morrisons Water Services effluent pipe survey and repair

Enviroflow pipe survey and repair vehicles

Morrisons Water Services required an assessment and potential repair of approximately 2000 metres of final effluent pipe. A competitor’s survey indicated significant silt accumulation, reported at 50-60%, along with the need for multiple repairs. Enviroflow was contracted to reassess and address these issues

Initial assessment
Upon re-evaluation, Enviroflow determined that the competitor’s findings were inaccurate. The initial claims of extensive silt and multiple necessary repairs were not substantiated.

Preparation and access
Enviroflow faced the challenge of accessing the pipeline, which ran through farmers’ fields. To mitigate disruption to agricultural activities, the team installed protective matting. This solution allowed a recycling tanker to traverse the fields without causing damage or significant inconvenience to the farmers’ operations.

Cleaning and surveying
The entire length of the pipe was then thoroughly cleaned using high-pressure jetting techniques. This process ensured the removal of any residual silt or blockages, allowing for an accurate and comprehensive internal CCTV survey.

Findings and repairs
The post-cleaning survey revealed a single defect within the 2000 metres of pipeline. Enviroflow addressed this defect using man-entry techniques to perform a precise patch repair. This targeted approach minimised further disruption and avoided unnecessary widespread repairs.

Environmental impact
The successful repair work carried out by Enviroflow had a significant environmental benefit. Ensuring the integrity of the effluent pipe effectively eliminated, the risk of pollution leaching into the surrounding agricultural land. This outcome protected the local environment and maintained the quality of the farmland

Enviroflow pipe survey and repair outcome

Project Efficiency
The project was completed ahead of the scheduled time frame and below the anticipated budget. Enviroflow’s efficient planning, execution and accurate assessment played key roles in achieving these outcomes.

Enviroflow demonstrated expertise in pipeline assessment, cleaning and repair through it’s work at Ellerker Waste Water Treatment Works. Their methodical approach, combined with minimal disruption strategies, not only corrected the identified issue but also safeguarded the surrounding environment. The project exemplifies the company’s commitment to accurate diagnostics, efficient problemsolving and environmental stewardship

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